Only 6 copies of Citroen GT

Citroen GTFrom the super-car Citroen GT, which appears literally in the virtual world will be produced only 6 copies, announced by the French company. His alleged price will be 1.3 million. We remind you that the car originally present in the popular game GranTurismo 5 for PlayStation, and later by Citroen decided to make a real copy, which was delivered on Car at Geneva in March. The decision to put into production has taken the marketing director of Citroen Vince Beson, a serial model is expected to differ radically from the prototype shown in Geneva. Debut of the production version will be the exhibition in Frankfurt in September, but only after several days of the Festival of Speed in Guduud will see a new prototype model, which is fully in motion. Although the French have not yet revealed any information about the features of the Citroen GT, we’ll meet with the car from the game GranTurismo 5.
There, the engine power is 646 h.p. after additional tuning may be increased to 138 h.p. and the maximum speed that the car has developed over 330 kilometers / hr

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