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Top 4 Deciding Factors to Consider While Selecting Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Software

Have you ever thought about how big companies like Amazon and Flipkart manage their various vehicles, consumers, and employees?

What is the secret behind their efficient work management on a large scale?

Well, the short, simple, and sweet answer are, they use vehicle fleet maintenance software.

In this blog, you will get the detailed information regarding the top-notch vital factors to consider while selecting a fleet management system.

Let us check it out one by one.

1. Level Of Complexity

When you start your quest for looking at the software, usually, it is easy to be enticed to the idea of what your fleet could be instead of what it currently is. It can be a major problem while selecting the right level of complexity for your fleet, which is very important.

For example, if you are running a small fleet and you purchase highly complicated software with many features, you might not have sufficient data to draw accurate inferences. It means you are paying far more than necessary because half the features will remain unused. It could lead to more issues than solutions. You should look for software that does a few things very well. It is a better alternative for smaller fleets. If you have a large fleet, you should choose a robust platform with a diverse range of features that get benefit from the fleet management software.

2. Easy-to-use Interface

When selecting software, choose a fleet maintenance system that has an easy-to-learn and use interface. The reason is simple. When you decide to take your fleet company through an orderly transition from paper-based to software-based, your employees need time to get used to the new way. There could be some changes in their job profiles too. Even as employees leave or get promoted, new people fill their positions. Therefore, it is better to have an easy-to-use and understand interface to avoid glitches in the smooth functioning of your fleet.

3. Pricing

There is no need to mention that the pricing of your vehicle fleet maintenance software much depends on its quality, complexity level, and size of your fleet. The first most important thing that you should consider while buying software is ROI. No doubt investing in fleet maintenance software will cut down your overall expenditure. However, before you reach that level, it also needs some initial investment for equipment and infrastructure.

So, consider this investment also while budgeting for software. It is an excellent option to spend more on quality software than it is to purchase poor-quality software just because it falls within your budget. Purchasing a fleet management system is a long-term investment. Therefore, if you have a mid-size or a small fleet, you should go for the most cost-effective option that covers your basic needs.

4. Scalability and Upgrades

The scalability of software determines how useful it is to your fleet company in the long-term. So, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Will the software scale up as per your fleet and business development?
  • What is your expected business three years from now?
  • Can a software package scale up or down to that size?

If the software fits into your criteria, then only purchase it.

Today, we are living in a tech-driven world where every day, new technology is emerging. So, if you want your business to survive in this ever-changing tech landscape, choose competent software. You should select software whose development team has a strong vision for its future.

Signing Off

Concisely, the best way to test the above-discussed factors is to try software demos. If you were uncertain about how to choose the right vehicle fleet maintenance software, we hope that this mini-guide has given you sufficient info to start narrowing down your options.

A guide to 4WD water tanks for your next trip

When you can turn the tap on at home and get all the water you need, you often don’t realise the  importance that 4WD water tanks play in remote areas. If you have ever spent time driving in the outback, you will know that water, food and fuel are the three essentials to survival, along with reliable communications and good recovery gear. 

A lack in any one of these items and your survival is jeopardised, unless you can find help quickly. A lack of water however, can result in your demise within about three days, which is why 4WD water tanks are so vital for trips in remote areas. It’s all fair and well however, to say that you need to carry your own water, but how much do you need to carry?

How much water do you need to carry in 4WD water tanks?

Generally, most of us need between 2 to 3 litres of water each day, but in the hot, dry remote areas of Australia you should double this amount.

So to be conservative, it’s best to take the 3 litres and double it to give each person 6 litres of water per day, but don’t forget that this includes water for washing and cleaning your teeth. The absolute minimum amount of water you should hold in your 4WD water tanks is 2 litres per person per day, which doubled gives you 4 litres per day, but that is the worst case scenario.

As an example, based on 6 litres per person per day and 4 people in your vehicle for a 7 day trip in the outback, you will need to carry 168 litres of water. Based on the minimum of 4 litres per person per day, you need to carry 112 litres in total. So throwing a few bottles of springwater into your vehicle and hoping for the best, isn’t the best idea when you are heading off-road and into the centre of Australia.

What’s the best way to carry all this water?

Clearly 4WD water tanks are your best option, as these can carry a lot of water in one receptacle. These water tanks are usually made from stainless steel or hard plastic and are often fitted permanently underneath your 4WD, but can also be temporarily fitted into the cargo area. However, the best spot is usually underneath your vehicle, as this frees up space elsewhere for everything else you need to carry for your trip.

If you decide to install a water tank underneath your vehicle, you will usually find an off-the-shelf tank that suits your needs. Capacities that will be suitable for 4 people on a 7 day trip are 200 litres, based on 6 litres per day per person or 120 litres for the minimum 4 litres per person per day.

Always remember however, not to put all your water in one place, because if the tank springs a leak, you will have lost all your water.
The other safe option is to store water in jerry cans, either as an additional source of water or because you don’t want to install a water tank. You can also fill up plastic milk containers or purchase boxed springwater from supermarkets, but for an outback trip into remote Australia, 4WD water tanks and jerry cans are your best bet.

Get Car Finance Here

If you have decided that it’s time to upgrade your car and are considering taking out a finance plan to help you spread the cost, then getting in touch with a car finance company could be the ideal way to get things organised quickly and easily.

Some companies offer very limited options regarding the cars you can choose from, have high interest rates or refuse customers with a limited or poor credit history. This can make approaching lenders a little off putting if you haven’t had much success in the past.

However, at Get Car Finance Here they treat each case on an individual basis and have excellent relationships with a wide range of dealers and manufacturers all over the country. This enables them to offer finance packages on almost any car, to almost every customer.

At Get Car Finance Here, they have no restrictions on the type of car you need or which dealer you choose to purchase your new vehicle from. So, you can have whatever make and model you choose and collect your new car from a location that is convenient to you.

If you haven’t been lucky enough to find a car that’s suited to you yet, don’t worry. Get Car Finance Here will also be happy to help you find the perfect car as well. All you need to do is take a look at through the hundreds of different cars they have on offer and they will help you find the one you like at a dealership near you.

Getting your car finance set up is quite simple. All you need to do is give them the details of the car you wish to purchase, complete a few simple steps to make sure all your details are correct and then they will compare the market to find you the best deal they possibly can.

No matter what your circumstances, you can be sure that at Get Car Finance Here they will do everything they can to ensure you get the car you want. With options available for people who want to consider a part exchange with their existing car, people with bad credit history and a range of flexible terms available to help suit any budget, getting the perfect car could be far more achievable than you first might think.

So instead of approaching a more traditional car finance company why not get in touch with Get Car Finance Here? With a fresh approach to car finance terms and a range of flexible options on offer you definitely won’t be disappointed.

With handy online tools such as a finance calculator so you can get a good idea of what you may have to pay for your ideal car before you even apply, the opportunity to browse through the available cars to ensure you are happy with your final choice and a personalised service for every customer, you can be sure to be impressed with how easy they make it to get your next car.

Get Car Finance Here pride themselves on providing all customers with affordable car finance deals that suit individual circumstances. By comparing the finance market, they are confident they will provide the best car finance deal for you. For more information, visit the Get Car Finance Here website or call today on 0808 159 8969 or 0330 127 3413

Tata Harrier is the most preferred choice than Creta and Compass!

To buy a luxurious is the dream of many people. Tata Motors are the promising brand for the automobiles for manufacturing powerful as well as luxurious cars. Recently Tata motors have launched the Tata Harrier which is seems as the derivative version of the Land-Rover. Tata Harrier is giving tough to the Creta and Compass.

Image result for tata harrier

Efficiency of the Tata Harrier

All of the cars consist of four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine moreover there is also an option for the varying capacities. The Tata Harrier comes up in 2.0-litre Multijet II motor. Hence, it is the most powerful car as compared to Creta or Compass. The Tata Harrier is very much efficient car i.e. it offers the mileage of 16.7 kmpl.

Price of the Tata Harrier

Tata Harrier price in India is completely justified if it is compared with the features offered by the car. Tata Harrier price starts at Rs. 12.69 Lakhs. The Tata Harrier consists of top-most a feature which holds the attention of many people.

Features and Specifications of Tata Harrier

The interior of the car is very much impressive. When it comes to the standard specifications of the Tata harrier interior it offers exclusive interior. Tata Harrier is packs all the creature comfort that you can expect. It consists of power steering, advanced music system, rear AC vents, 8.8-inch high-resolution infotainment display, 7-inch digital display, a digital tachometer, navigation data, drive modes, an odometer, a trip meter, fuel gauge, instantaneous fuel efficiency and media playback. All SUVs assembled with top-notch features as well as specifications. Tata harrier specifications are remarkable as compared to the Creta or Compass.

Image result for tata harrier

Exterior of Tata Harrier

The performance of the Tata Harrier is exceptional; hence it is the major reason for many customers to choose it over others. The body of the car is very much strong wherein the tyres of the cars add-on to the overall looks of the Tata Harrier. It is the perfect choice for driving the car on the rough roads, hill tops etc. Additionally, it offers greatest safety to the riders. The safety measure offered by the Tata Harrier is very much beneficial for you.

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Image result for tata harrier

All the three SUVs featured perfectly according to the requirements wherein Tata Harrier offers large dimensions, design as well as best premium interiors. One can choose the car which perfectly fits according to your necessity. If you want to give wings to your dreams one can buy Tata Harrier for most luxurious ride.

Greater Options for the Best Car Options Now

Take your time, calmly read the contract. Nobody has the right to drive you, do not miss a single item, pay attention to the notes, indicated in small print. Do not sign the contract if any of the conditions do not suit you, or do not correspond to the assurances of managers. Also, do not sign the document if it does not contain any relevant information. Most car dealerships have standard contracts, and you will hardly be allowed to change its content. But you need to understand the following aspects: the delivery time of the car (clearly recorded in calendar days); the amount of the advance, the procedure for its return, if the buyer refuses to buy the car through the fault of the seller; complete modification of the model, which sets the exact factory equipment.

The Right Size

The size of such payments can be up to 15% of the cost of the car. Choose a car with the necessary options. Many managers are silent about the possibility of installing additional equipment, and then begin to advice improvements and improvements for an additional fee, which you do not need. Sometimes the buyer has to wait for some time before buying to deliver the car. Some managers confidentially report that such a model is now available, and it can be obtained now, but pay in addition from above, since it is intended for another buyer. BMW 3 Series Personal Lease

Do not get involved. It is likely that such a car abandoned, and for what reason – is unknown. The car must be picked up, checking and inspecting the car completely. Check for scratches, dents in bright light. Ask also to change the lighting. Check the numbers of the main units of the car with the data sheet; check the completeness of the engine and chassis. Any units can be replaced. Check the engine, lighting, all additional equipment, engine oil, coolant and brake fluid, and the presence of gasoline. Before deciding to buy a car, you also need to know how to cheat in car dealerships when buying a new car. In the cars blog news this is the best deal.

The reasons are many: Promotional car was not in stock; the car is
equipped with additional options, they are not included in the share price, but they will have to be paid additionally for them; the advertising value does not include VAT. Clients resent and try to return the deposit, but they are denied, citing the presence of a clause in the signed contract: in case of refusal, the buyer must reimburse the penalty for the termination of the contract. The amount of the penalty is usually the size of the pledge or part thereof. Not everyone wants to part with a deposit. Used Volkswagen Beetle Bournemouth

Laser engraving on plastic is the most accurate way to process this type of material and it can be used on any type of object, always ensuring excellent engravings on components regardless of their dimension and shape. BMW 3 Series Personal LeaseUsed Volkswagen Beetle Bournemouth

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